"Style is a matter of taste, design a matter of principles."
- Thomas Church



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Snider Residence - mid mod redo
Rue Residence - modern renovation
Burns Residence - sunken patio
Beene Residence - backyard entertaining
Miller Residence - sideyard patio
Ferrier Residence - woodland entry
Van Hauer Residence - backyard garden
Ferrier Residence - bluestone backyard
Staryk Residence - property renovation
Vennix Residence - water gardens
Lynch-Salamon Residence - pool garden
Wasmer Residence - stone terraces
Buss Residence - property renovation
McAllister Residence - midcentury patio
Minneapolis Residence - urban woodland
Nelson Residence - Mediterannean renovation
Staryk Residence - architectural setting
Rekenthaler Residence - terraced frontyard
Birk Residence - urban garden
Goodermont Residence - garden rooms
Cobblestone Gardens & Market - retail gardens
Fluegel Residence - English gardens
Raylor Laird Residence - private courtyard
Stein Residence - property renovation
Kellick Residence - privacy garden
Loula Residence - retaining walls
DeLude Residence - tribute gardens
Anderson Duplex - rooftop deck
Homegrown - vertical garden
Penny Lane - secret garden

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